1. Fence the Pool

In 1991 mandatory pool fencing legislation was introduced.  Since that time there has been a decrease in preschool drowning.  However each year many children under 5 continue to drown in backyard pools.  Most of these deaths can be attributed to the fact that the pool fencing did not comply with legislation.

While each State and Territory’s laws may differ, if you are a pool owner it is your responsibility to make sure that your pool complies with the state government pool fencing legislation.  Remember pool fencing acts as a deterrent for inquisitive young children.

If you are unsure if your pool fence complies with legislation contact your local council.


  • Always keep your pool fence well maintained
  • The fence is only as good as it’s weakest point
  • Don’t leave objects leaning against the fence – it could be used to help children climb over
  • Pool owners that do not comply with legislation can be issued with heavy fines


Kids Alive – Do The Five!BooSmall

  1. Fence the pool
  2. Shut the gate
  3. Teach your kids to swim – it’s great
  4. Supervise – watch your mate and
  5. Learn how to resuscitate
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