5. Learn to Resuscitate

Even the most caring and vigilant parent can be affected by a drowning or near drowning. The Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit estimates that for every 1 child that drowns, 14 are taken to emergency departments and 4 of those are admitted to hospital.

To prepare yourself for an emergency, learn resuscitation and first aid techniques.  Performing first aid at the scene may increase the child’s chance of recovery or even save a life.

St John Ambulance Australia and Life International Training are great first aid providers. For more information visit their websites.


  • Anyone can be affected by a drowning or near drowning experience
  • Learn resuscitation
  • Providing first aid increases the chance of recovery


Kids Alive – Do The Five!BooSmall

  1. Fence the pool
  2. Shut the gate
  3. Teach your kids to swim – it’s great
  4. Supervise – watch your mate and
  5. Learn how to resuscitate
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